March Newsletter

 Under the Red Cedar – March 2022Spring will begin, and with it, new growth for Red Cedar Forest Therapy. We have new partnerships and will be offering walks through Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation DistrictForest Park Conservancy, and Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. Walks with Tualatin Hills PRD and Forest Park Conservancy start this month; walks for seniors at Jackson Bottom start in June. Click through to their websites for specifics and registration.

I presented our first “Experiencing Gifts from Nature” program at the Harold Schnitzer Center for Living. This will be a series of monthly programs bringing the sights, sounds, feel, and even smells of nature to the residents of the nursing home. The residents most enjoyed holding and exploring the forest treasures I brought them – various pinecones, dried mushrooms, and bark.  Next month perhaps we will “go” to the beach or waterfalls.

Forest Bathing Walk on Suavie IslandConnect with the birds and oaks of Sauvie Island during this early spring walk.
March 27, 2002
2pm – 4pm

To register for this and other upcoming walks… 
Sign up here



Keep an eye out for details on a one-day workshop I will be doing in partnership with Tom Brown III of FutureNature on June 5. We will guide you through engaging your senses and learning to move in concert with the more than human world. We will share the philosophies behind nature connection and information from research on the health benefits of time spent in the forest. You will feel the pleasures of presence, learn to walk the way our ancestors did, moving with the ebb and flow of our surroundings, utilize wide-angle vision, and explore the more than human world through your senses. We will teach you skills and practices you can incorporate into your daily life to increase your well-being and feeling of connectedness. We are both very excited about bringing our knowledge and skillsets together for this unique workshop.


Reflections on a walk…

Today, I was out of sorts, feeling lost
Feeling empty, feeling alone
I was uncertain, so I came to you    
And you welcomed me home    

I walked among you, it didn’t take long
I was whole, with you, with me
You surrounded me, reached inside me    
Brought me home 

Sunlight beamed through your arms
Illuminating your leaves, your logs
The light called to me, my heart soared    
My soul was home 

As you always do, you showed me the way 
The answer was here, is here, in my forest
I love you, the trees of my forest    
You welcomed me home

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