Private, Family, and Group Walks

A Forest Therapy Walk is a unique opportunity to connect with friends and family while connecting with nature. We can connect a group of people for a walk even if they are in different geographic locations, creating a wonderful way to connect when you cannot physically be together.

Family walks are geared for families with children under 10 years old. We focus the walk on both the family unit and the children’s relationship with the forest. It is a wonderful way to spend time together away from screens, interacting together.

We are also happy to work with you to customize a walk for a special event, such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. 

Private walks are $200 for the first 4 participants, and $30 for each additional participant in the group.

Family walks are $40 for each adult and $15 for each child over 2 years old.

Please allow at least two-weeks for scheduling a private walk.

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