New Experience June 5!

Reconnecting with Nature in the Modern Age: Using our Senses to Find Our Place in the Web of Life

  • Sunday, June 5, 2022
  • 9:00 AM  4:00 PM
  • FutureNature LLC Sandy, Or  (map)
This class is a collaboration between Andrea Kreiner of Red Cedar Forest Therapy and Tom Brown III of FutureNature.

We feel empty; we feel ill, but can put the finger on what’s wrong; we know there is something missing. Many people feel this void and think it can be filled with Money, Material possessions, or drugs and alcohol. We all crave peace, love, joy, and purpose. Our society teaches us that these things can be found in externals. In truth, they can only be found within.

What we are missing is the connection to the natural world around us. In this full-day workshop, we will guide you through engaging your senses and learning to move in concert with the more than human world. We will share the philosophies behind nature connection and information from research on the health benefits of time spent in the forest. You will feel the pleasures of presence, learn to walk the way our ancestors did, moving with the ebb and flow of our surroundings, utilize wide-angle vision, and explore the more than human world through your senses. We will teach you skills and practices you can incorporate into your daily life to increase your well-being and feeling of connectedness. REGISTER HERE 

Water on a Cottonwood leaf

The pattern on the leaf looks like our vascular system, or a river delta. All things are one – Tom Brown III

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I have been a sustainability professional for over 20 years and vegetable gardener for nearly as many. We rely on our garden to provide almost all our produce and what we don't get from the garden we try to source from local farmers. With children ranging from 3 years to 22 years old, I have a wide variety of taste buds to make happy. Cooking from the garden means needing to find variety in how we use whatever vegetable or fruit is in peak to keep my family interested and excited.

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